Shipping information

Good to know about the home delivery

Date of the delivery

The delivery time of the products ordered via the website of Saintsan are 60 days. Every lamp is unique therefore the manufacturing is time-consuming. Sansan is sending feed-back with 48 hours about the earliest expected delivery. At that stage, you can modify your order. Do not hesitate to ask at:



We send you an advance covering 10% of the final price. By transmitting the amount, you enforce your order and Sainsan starts production. As soon the product manufacturing arrives in the readiness stage of 70%, we send you a second invoice charging an additional 70 % of the final price. The final payment is due on the date of the delivery. As soon the amount arrives the product shall be posted to the address given by you.

Important: There is no possibility to reimburse the advance when late canceling since the product is already under production.


Saintsan gives 1 (one) year warranty to every product



Every product is packaged accurately and shatter-proof via Post service


Personal pickup

Handing over is possible at the pickup point of 1126 Budapest Nr. 2. 1/a str Dolgos.



In case you have changed your mind of you dislike the product send it back to us. The retraxit is valid within 14 days.

Bear in mind that the product has to be damage-less and packaged the original way. Every expense related to the resending is due to the customer.

Please contact in case any problem occurs!